The Future of Journalism, and News 2.0

The future of journalism has become rather bleak. Newspapers are going bankrupt, magazine subscriptions are dropping, and the emergence of 24-hour news channels has made news an immediate commodity, where the underlying message to every journalist is "gotta get the story first," sometimes at the expense of getting the story right.

Yet, the development of another tool has made the future of journalism an equally exciting time, and that tool is the internet. Now, more than ever, people can have their own thoughts and ideas published to the world - which is what I am doing right now on this website, and would have been impossible even ten years ago.

Some media experts, such as Ira Basen, believe the future of journalism is in citizen journalism, something he calls "News 2.0".

But what is citizen journalism? And where is it headed? Listen to my interview with Ira Basen for more.

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